Epic 51% Off Mile Redemptions on SIA for travel in Feb! (Book by Jan 31st)

Last update: 15 Jan 2020, GMT + 8 (5pm)

For travel from 1st to 29th Feb

When I first got whiff of this deal, I was like, “shut up and take my miles NOW!”

I texted and called my wife frantically but to no avail. “Come on, answer me!”

In my broken Mandarin, I informed my wife that it’s now or never to go to Europe, Korea or Japan

As I’m typing this (15 Jan, 2pm) even a simple Google search is not showing up SIA’s latest Spontaneous Escapes 51% deal and neither is the website itself.

However, Singapore Airline’s official website is clearly reflecting the discounted fares!

Discounted Fair!
Return flight from Singapore to Dusseldorf (Germany) and back for just 180,320 miles. It normally cost 184,000 miles for two people one way!

After finally getting in touch with my wife and a period of deliberation, we finally decided on Seoul, South Korea, since she hasn’t been there before.

Another reason is that getting a European Visa on time for my wife might be a challenge. Singapore’s passport VISA exemption is something a lot of Singaporeans take for granted. This would have been the perfect opportunity to go to Europe on return business class for two!

Singapore to Seoul. If you look carefully it says 92,120 miles (2 adults, Return)
Seoul to Singapore
Seoul to Singapore. It normally cost 47,000 miles ONE WAY

Without this deal, it would have cost us 47,000 x 4 = 188,000 miles.

With this amazing promo, we redeemed for slightly less than half the miles needed!

price of Seoul Ticket
$82.5 in airport & govt taxes per return trip (per person)

Even when taking into consideration the standard monthly Spontaneous Escapes 30% promo that comes out every month. This deal saved us 39,480 miles!

Click here to view SQ’s redemption chart.

latest update: SIA Spontaneous Escapes website is now reflecting the Krisflyer 21st anniversary 51% discount.

For SIA Business Class destinations, click here

For SilkAir Business Class destinations, click here



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Stay tuned for the trip report in Feb. It’ll be epic; I promise! =D





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