What a year 2019 has been. Wishing you all an awesome 2020 ahead!

2019 was an eventful year. It was also a year with many transitions, ups and downs. Nevertheless, I thank God for seeing me through it all and for giving me many opportunities. As one door closes, truly, another opens. This has been a year of many ‘firsts’.



When I first heard of 50% off business class flight redemption to Australia, I nearly ‘fell off my chair’. 248,000 miles for two-way return in J is simply unattainable to the common mile chaser. 112,000 miles (~55% off) was a steal and it was the literal, “shut up and take my miles.” kind of moment. I detailed the full experience here & here.

Fully flat bed on the 777-300ER Sydney to Singapore



In April, my buddy introduced me to the MCO card. Before this, I already had various cryptocurrencies and wasn’t interested in buying yet another ‘coin/token’. This was until he showed me his physical ruby card which was completely metal. I guess boys will never ever completely ‘grow up’. But the cooler part was that for the first time in my cryptocurrency journey, I could actually SPEND MY TOKENS at an actual store! This completely blew me away and I will never forget the day I transferred him some XRP and ETH and we paid for the meal using crypto. I am now mostly a Bitcoin maximalist but that’s a topic for 2020.

My black is the ‘fake black’. It’s actually the white/rose gold card. The black was given out in the early days because the white was out of stock. The black card is now just a relic. Click here for free $50 (with 50 MCO staked) if you haven’t signed up!


Also in April, for the first time, I took SIA premium economy to Seoul. I always look forward to new experiences so this was definitely a plus. Would I do it again? – I wouldn’t unless the discount is steep. This was an epic weekend trip as I flew early Saturday morning to attend my friend’s wedding and was back by Sunday evening  (In order to go to work on Monday).

Premium Economy to Seoul. Doesn’t really inspire greatness does it? Definitely more friendly on the legs though!



In less than four months, I was travelling again. Since my wife’s visa (It’s expensive!) last for one year to Australia, we took advantage of that by booking ourselves a flight via KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes to Brisbane. It was a one way trip via the regional A350-900. Why one way? It’s not for a lack of miles but rather I didn’t have enough transferred over from the banks. I booked a one way economy flight back via Qantas. Not the most prudent way of spending money but it was the best option I had back then.

SIN to QLD – How can I ever go back to economy when seats are like that?!

Of course, that’s not forgetting my YOLO EXPERIENCE at the Brisbane Plaza Premium lounge. Never panicked so much in my travel life. Probably ran faster than Forest Gump to the boarding gate!

5 stars for the Brisbane Plaza Premium Lounge!


I haven’t written as much as I would have liked this year as it was quite a roller coaster journey that started from End of 2018  last year. Writers go through periods where they struggle to find inspiration amidst challenging circumstances. Nevertheless, that season is coming to an end and I’m really looking forward to 2020. Already, I’ve planned a plethora of articles to be released monthly!

I will also be revamping and launching in the first quarter of 2020:


So stay tuned for that, I may even organise a mini party just to celebrate that so stay tuned my good friends! =D


Things I look forward to writing/delivering in 2020:

Business/First Class trips

I know my friends and telegram groupies think that I’ve stopped chasing miles but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve definitely stopped chasing every single mile but I do try to time purchases or go for the ones which are worth my time. I have a nice fat stash that I’ve been tirelessly accumulating so 2020 is going to be fun!

After February, I will have all the time in the world so that means I can travel on a whim!

  • More business class trip and/or lounge reviews
  • My mile strategy (differs quite a bit from my ‘shi fu’ pros)
  • Perhaps business class on something other than SIA?


Finance (Traditional) 

I’m actually on my way to be a certified financial planner and I hope to bring my readers regular and fresh insights with regards to personal finance. I will stick ‘within the square box’ as advice has to abide by regulations.

  • Basic financial planning for singles/family
  • Basic investing strategies
  • Insurance and how one can be properly covered without ‘breaking the bank’


Finance (Non Traditional)

At one of the bitcoin meet ups in Singapore

It’s no secret that I’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space, particularly and more importantly, in Bitcoin. I have been active in the community and have come to be recognised by various industry leaders for my advocacy and education in the space.

There have been lots of misconception and misinformation out there. My purpose is to provide information so that my readers can make educated decisions with regards to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. These are the things one can look forward to in the classes which I’ll be conducting:

  • What exactly is ‘Bitcoin’ and importance of understanding it
  • Stable coins and staking of cryptocurrency for interest (in-depth)
  • Introduction to various cryptocurrency platforms
  • Basic trading strategies (Not for a living)


Luxury Living

  • Luxury living tips
  • Features of places I really like that won’t blow a hole in your wallet



I’m intending to launch an SG GOOD LIFE YouTube channel featuring:

  • COOKING Made Easy (yes, I know I have been saying this for a long time, it’s coming to life; hopefully!)
  • Cryptocurrency (mostly on Bitcoin)
  • Luxury travel experiences


It’s going to be an exciting 2020! If you haven’t ‘followed’ SG GOOD LIFE, you might want to consider hitting the ‘follow button’ as there is just so much stuff and as we colloquially say in Singapore, “lobang” that I’ll be sharing, so stay tuned!


Thank you my dear readers and have a very blessed and happy 2020!







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