Will the real SG GOOD LIFE please stand up!

Recently, people have been unable to view my pictures on Instagram because clicking on the #SGGOODLIFE takes people to a completely different set of pictures.

Doing a #SGGOODLIFE search on Instagram reveals this:

That is definitely me alright!


BUT the moment you click on it, it reveals a set of pictures below which does not reference me at all under “Top”. This is rather strange and suspicious.

Not a SINGLE picture is on the “TOP” post despite me tagging #sggoodlife on most of my own posts


However, the moment one clicks on “Recent”, my posts/pictures start to appear:

These are all my postings, except for a few as you start scrolling down

I don’t want to draw premature conclusions about the matter. I just want my readers to know that I am NOT connected to any organisation and have NOT collaborated with anyone at the moment. Please exercise caution in case people claim to be me.


To make things crystal clear, I am listing all the official channels that I can be found on:

Email: sggoodlife@hotmail.com

Instagram: sggoodlife



Mobile Legends: SGGOODLIFE

The domain: http://www.sggoodlife.com is also mine, but it is not active yet. I will officially launch that some time in 2020.


Please do not believe any one who says they are me. I will not look for you unless you have communicated with me first.




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