Singapore to Brisbane: SIA Regional A350-900 Business class full review

When Spontaneous Escapes September list first came out mid August, I urgently texted my wife:  “Which do you prefer… Japan, South Korea (Seoul) or Australia? Be quick!” She really likes Japan but the practical choice would logically be Australia as she spent $200 just to get a visa for our last business class trip to Sydney. For Singaporeans, it’s $20, 1/10 of what’s needed. The Australian Visa lasts for one year.

This flight cost me 86,800 miles + SGD $162.60 in taxes for two people, one way. Brisbane isn’t exactly one of the value-for-money destinations, but I decided to head there for a variety of reasons. It’s also a special place as my first holiday overseas was to Brisbane, more than two decades ago.

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 10.34.48 PM
At 43,400 miles + SGD $81.30 per person, it ain’t exactly cheap!

Whilst I was booking this flight, I was thinking more in terms of the timings rather than the aircraft type. When I saw an early morning 12.45am flight with a A350-900 tag, I just went for it. But lo and behold, I saw this (picture below) which made my heart sink a little. Any luxury travel blogger worth his or her salt would instantly recognise this seating configuration as the new regional business class.

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 4.31.34 PM
I chose 19 D & F

If I were going to SE Asian destinations on a sub 3 to 4 hour flight, this would definitely be nice. But it’s a medium haul flight and the miles needed was quite hefty. No wonder this flight option was still available. To be fair, the regional business class isn’t bad per se; It’s just not the best option one could have gotten. I decided to make the best out of it by choosing the bulkhead seats which I’ve not sat on before.

I’ve already memorised the business class arrival door in T3 – Door 5. You’re welcome!

As usual, check-in was a breeze. It’s time to head up to T3’s Silverkris lounge which I’ve gotten quite familiar with as well. Since I’ve already written a post on this, this will just be snippets of pictures that may not have been found in my previous posts.

Always a delight!
Ooo.. penne with saffron… who were they kidding? They probably only used a tinge of saffron
Dessert: Assorted Mini Cakes
My selection for the night
When my wife took a big bowl of green been soup, I “almost fainted”. Well, I guess that’s what regular business class travellers do: Eat what they like and not what’s “expensive”
I was surprised to see Laurent-Perrier instead of the usual Charles Hiedsieck! IMO, this is more drinkable than the latter

When it was roughly 10 mins before boarding time, we made our way to the boarding gate. To my surprise, everyone including economy class passengers were already queueing to board.

The sweetest part came once we cleared baggage check. We whizzed past through the  long lines queueing to get into the plane to the bewilderment of those queueing. To them, we probably seemed like “barbarians” cutting queue, only for us to head to the business class door a few seconds later. Ah, vindicated! We’re peasants on our flight back (I booked one way economy on Emirates back) but not on this one!

Business class forward section

Surprisingly, the forward business class section was still empty. As I mentioned, boarding commenced unusually early this time.

The introvert corner aka window seat
My wife already making herself comfortable, My unpaid job of taking photos has just started. If only I was paid to do all this! 😥
I thought the bulkhead seats would have more space for the legs. Well, now I know! It’s nice not to have to sleep slanted though
Just in case you were wondering how a “business class” restroom looks like
Hidden at an inconspicuous corner so that the company can save cost for shareholders. I’m kidding
Like a routine: start up a Korean movie. Truth is often stranger than fiction
Middle right is where the audio jacks are located. The long black bar is where the seat recline options are located at

After take off, like clockwork, I was asked if I wanted my meal after takeoff or before landing. This time I decided I would just eat first and then sleep all the way. Surprisingly, they didn’t ask me if I wanted to be woken up for breakfast. They didn’t and it was a good thing although the noise of cutlery eventually woke me up.

2nd time having the Grilled Chilean Seabass option. At ~$75 per Kg, this is one of the most value for money choice. It helps that I legit like seafood/fish
Supper : Book The Cook – Wholesome cabbage roll and eggplant with brown lamien

I woke up just to take a picture of my wife’s food before landing. If this isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is! I also snapped a picture from my sleeping position just so you’ll be able to get a feel of what it’s like in the “pod”.

When the divider is down – Taken from my sleeping position

For this flight, I didn’t feel the SIA service “magic”. They were definitely polite, but not outstanding. To me, this has come to become the defining factor of a “normal” or an “excellent” flight.

Nevertheless, they did oblige me when I asked for a bear (as usual). To my delight, I got the new green bears from the new long haul Seattle flight! I now have in my collection, the blue special anniversary edition, the red ones, and the green ones.

I probably have one of the largest bear collection of any traveller. They’re in good hands!

With that, my flight ended. The fast track pass? We didn’t need it. There wasn’t a queue and automation has made things smoother.

With automation, these privileges are starting to be a thing of the past

I still have a decent stash of miles, so let’s see where my miles take me to next. Thank you for reading and for your words of encouragement on my trip reviews! Hoping to always keep it sincere and real.



    • Maybe I should do a sub trip blog instead. No plans for that at the moment. Just trying to enjoy the moment without worrying about the pictures. It’s actually tiring to document everything!


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