DBS Altitude: 4 Miles per $1 spent on Buses & Trains

Last Updated: 8/1/2020

NEW! Promo extended until 31st March 2020 for NEW SIGN UPS ONLY.

DBS Altitude VISA Signature card version is extending its 4 miles (inclusive of the original 1.2 miles) per $1 for bus and MRT rides, capped at $80 spend per month. The grand cap is at $350 of spending.

$350 x 4 = 1,400 miles 

Do note that topping up your EZ link using the Altitude card does NOT count. You’ll have to use the physical DBS Altitude CC itself. Paying via Apple, Samsung, or Google Pay is fine as well.

Mobile Wallet
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I never thought this day would come, but riding on the increasing popularity of mile chasing, DBS Altitude now generates miles for you via SimplyGo.


Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 5.53.13 PM
According to SimplyGo’s website: “Simply Go enables commuters to use their credit or debit card with contactless function for fare payments.”

Contactless payment using SimplyGo isn’t new, but 4 miles per dollar (mpd) was certainly eye catching to me. At SG GOOD LIFE, good deals will be featured! I have also successfully used my MCO Crypto Visa Card to take the bus and train but I digress.

DBS Altitude
I had this card since 2016 and it certainly serves me well!

As the title of this blog post suggest, using this card to tap on public transport bus and train gantries qualifies you for 4 mpd. Do note that this does not apply to tops ups via the credit top up machine located at MRT stations.

Duration of promotion: 1st August to 31st December 2019

Applicable to : Bus, MRT, Comfort, Citicab, GoJek, Grab (Excludes Grabpay)

Spending Cap: $1200 during the promotional period

When do the miles get credited: 90 days after promotion ends (31st March 2020)

Where to registerhttps://www.dbs.com.sg/Contact/dbs/cards/altitude-4mpd-promotion/default.page

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 5.41.09 PM
After registering, you should get a message that looks like this


I find that DBS has done a decent job via its T&C page and it is definitely worth a visit to scan the details of this promotion.



Getting up to 4,800 miles by using public transport isn’t life changing but this is definitely significant. If you’re a beginner miles hunter with an average salary, every mile counts!

I won’t be surprised if other banks start to offer similarly tempting deals. Happy mile earning!

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