CredEarn: How I earn up to 10% per annum on digital assets (cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and gold) Part 1

Singapore, 1st August 1981. An advertisement in the Straits Times:

POSB 9.5%
Image credit: SPH

“9.5%” !!! I hear you say. “Unbelievable,” I concur. Our parents had that privilege. In the 1980s, getting 5% to 6% interest on your savings was common. This blog post by SGYI provides a decent write up of the short history of bank interest rates in Singapore.

Today, putting money in a savings account yields 0.05%. Higher interest rates of up to 3.8% require a combination of “activities” which is often difficult or impossible to achieve.

All around the world, low savings interest rates which translates to lower interest on borrowing benefits you if you leverage on the loan to buy property and/or do business. If you don’t or are unable to, then you get the “shorter end of life’s stick.” I’m sorry to have to break this reality to you. Hence it’s common knowledge in the crypto community that fractional reserve banking benefits those at the very top. This means that one MUST invest money just to keep up with inflation.


“Why CredEarn”

A common question that gets asks in Cred’s community telegram chat group is, “How is Cred able to pay such HIGH INTEREST? It’s not difficult to comprehend. It’s just basic things that people never really take time to think about.

Cred Earn June Rates
Rates accurate as of June 2019. Rates subject to change. Hold 10,000 LBA to access the best interest rates!

Think of traditional banks. Banks have to:

  • Pay dividends to its shareholders
  • Wages and bonuses for their staff. (Yes, think of those highly paid bankers sporting luxury watches and driving luxury cars.)
  • Maintain their systems including physical ATMs
  • And many other factors I’m not privy to


As of 2017, average worldwide lending interest rates is around 11.26%. This website gives you an idea of what lending interest rates are like worldwide with Madagascar taking the top spot at 60%!

Top 10
Top 10
110 to 122
110 to 122



What is CredEarn?

This is where CRED comes in. Cred connects lenders and borrowers. CredEarn is a collaboration between Cred and UPHOLD , a platform to buy and sell digital assets.

In CredEarn, borrowers provide collateral in digital assets and the lenders provide their digital asset for loan.


How do I get access to CredEarn?

To access CredEarn, you first need to sign up with an account on UPHOLD. I’ve used this platform and it is one of the smoothest platforms for fiat to fiat, fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto conversions. Uphold doesn’t have the cheapest rates so do your own calculations.

This is how Uphold looks like:

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 4.36.45 PM.png
If you’re wondering why I don’t have any assets, it’s because it’s all in CredEarn earning interest for me now 😉


There are many questions that you still probably have. I’ll address this in part II of my post on CredEarn:

  • Is CredEarn safe and what are the risks involved
  • The benefits of going through CredEarn and holding the LBA token
  • Is there a difference between CredEarn and the other crypto lending platforms?
  • Evidence of payout (my first payout is coming soon)
  • How to sign up for CredEarn





Views and opinions expressed are those of the author and should not be taken as investment advice. Buying and trading digital assets should be considered a high-risk activity. As usual, readers are advised to “Do Your Own Due Diligence” (DYODD) before taking any action related to content within this blog.


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