Changi T3 SATS Premium Lounge review

These days, every time I see the word “SATS” the only thing that comes to my mind is Satoshi, the unit of measurement for Bitcoin. But I digress!

Even though my Premium Economy flight doesn’t offer any lounge access, I still have lounge access via my MCO card. This is a lounge review of SATS Premium Lounge should you choose to accept this mission to enjoy life!

After passport control, make an immediately left. The SATS lounge is the first lounge you’ll see, right beside the DBS Treasures lounge
MCO card has changed the name of the game. The only card I’ll ever need. Unlimited lounge access: Checked!
Seats with charging facilities

What I found really impressive about this lounge is that every seat has a charging facility. I’ve been to many lounges and this is a rare sight. I don’t remember Silverkris T2 or T3 Silverkris having that many charging points.

Side seats
Immediately to the right after you step in is the buffet and drinks area. This is also the area I spent my time blogging at. Perfect for refilling drinks when I get thirsty!
It looks exciting, until you go closer. Okay, to be fair, it wasn’t that bad
Chicken Rendang and Nasi Kuning
I really enjoyed the beef bolognese and mashed potato!
Not the most inspiring of dishes I’ll tell you that!
The cuisine is skewed towards a certain ethnic group. I wonder why…
Display of various spirits and wines
The drinks in the drink weren’t super cold. This is probably because the fridge is being opened frequently. Still, I have experienced drinks that are icy cold
Coffee machine and assortment of teas
Mee Soto station. The mee soto gravy was really yummy. SGGOODLIFE recommends!
View from the back of the lounge. It was quite full
Private restroom cubicles

There are also shower facilities in this lounge (not pictured). So if you badly need one, it could come in really handy.

The #likeaboss seat. I sat here initially. It’s really comfy but I shifted because I found it difficult to blog whilst having the laptop on my lap



I’ve gotten quite used to business class lounges so this is a little bit of a downgrade. Nevertheless, it was still quite decent. You’d be hard pressed to find this kind of standard in many airports. I’ll leave you to try this out. Let me know what you think in the comments below or when you have tried it!






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