Unlimited Access to Airport Lounges via MCO Lounge Key!

Last Update: 10th Jan 2020

My trip to South Korea was on SIA Premium Economy (PE). There is no lounge access with PE. This is when having a MCO card comes in really handy.

my entitlement
My card is the Icy white card so I get to bring an additional guest!
MCO Cards
The Black, White, Royal Indigo and green cards grants you unlimited access!

I’ve already written the basics of how you can get the MCO card here, so let’s go straight to the process. Just 5 simple steps and you’ll be enjoying the lounge in no time!

STEP 1: Download the Lounge Key App on the Apple App store or on the Google Play Store

STEP 2: Register the card under Lounge Key

click here to register Obsidian Black, Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White

click here to register Jade Green & Royal Indigo

STEP 3: Search for the airport lounge that you’re interested in

STEP 4: Make sure you convert crypto into fiat currency in the Crypto.com app

STEP 5: Show the card at the Lounge counter and ‘make payment’


(Step 1 & 2) Download the Lounge key App and Register!

This is how the app looks like

(STEP 3) Search for the Airport that you are going to and find the lounge

I chose the SATS Premier Lounge
This is the list of cards accepted at SATS lounge. Notice the lounge key sign that I’ve highlighted in red?
Lounge Key Access at Brisbane Airport

(STEP 4) Make sure you convert your crypto (e.g. BTC or MCO to fiat currency 


(STEP 5) Show the card and make payment

According to the MCO Admin on Telegram,  the charge will be reverse in roughly 2 to 3 weeks. The Admins on the MCO telegram are really helpful!


Charges (Will be reversed)

Icy White and Obsidian Black: $27 USD

Jade Green and Royal Indigo: $3.25 USD

*Do make sure you have enough funds in your card AND that you have activated the international transactions in App

Visit History
As you can see on the right hand corner, I’ve not paid for any visits because it’s free!


The really cool thing about this card is that even after your 6 month lock up of MCO ends, you’ll still have access to the lounges. This card is really giving Priority Pass and all other credit cards a run for their money!

ccom p1
Both my wife and I have the white card so we can each bring in a family member in the rare occasion that we do take economy or PE…

If this is not luxury living made accessible, then I don’t know what is. Enjoy!


Use my code [ qf2ers2nkp ] to get $50* USD free when signing up. Don’t say “bo jio!”

*When you stake 50 MCO on the Cryptocom app. Click here for the most updated price.

Or use this link if you’ve already downloaded the app.


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