Sydney to Singapore SIA Business class Overnight Flight Review

Five days in Sydney flew by really quickly and it was time to leave Australia for Singapore. After utilising Sydney’s T1 Silverkris Lounge, I proceeded to the boarding gate. By the time I reached there, a small queue had already formed up.

3 separate queues: Economy, Premium Economy, and First & Business class

Business and First class passengers get to board first, followed by Premium Economy and then Economy. This flight is very unique as it isn’t a straight flight to Singapore. We had to first stop by Canberra, get off and then get back on. It didn’t fuss me much as we had priority boarding and disembarkation for all parts of the trip.

A well packed sandwich was provided for this short sub 1 hour flight

After disembarking at Canberra International Airport, we waited at the transit area before re-boarding the same plane and we were ushered to the same seat. This time, there were more passengers on board.

Choose the window seats if you’re flying solo

I wasn’t too impressed by the service initially. The stewardess serving me on the Sydney-Canberra flight had really lacklustre service. It felt like she was just “doing her job”. At times it felt like I was being ordered to ‘do this and that’ which isn’t the norm at business class level. This was not the kind of SIA service I was expecting and it definitely didn’t have the business class ‘magic’ which I’ve gotten from some of my other business class flights. “Sigh, great product but it’s going to be 1 + 7 hours of this kind of service.” Or so I thought…

Appetizer: Fruits and bread (not shown)

This was when Stewardess Fiona* came along during the Canberra-Singapore leg of the flight. She was also doing her duty like the other stewardess, but I could feel the sincerity and passion through the questions asked and service rendered. I’m a person who smells sincerity (or insincerity) a mile away and this more than made up for my prior bad experience an hour ago. It’s going to be a good trip; The business class ‘magic’ is back!

*I tried very hard to read the name tag whenever she walked past but couldn’t. I had to ask for her name in the end.

Ample leg room
Not my seat for this trip. This is an example of a bulkhead seat. Choose this if you have the chance because you don’t have to slot your leg to the left or right

Before take off, we were asked whether we wanted our meal right after takeoff or two hours before landing. I requested to have mine right after. I caught the movie ‘Widows’. It was throughly enjoyable.

The meals started arriving not long after.

I chose the Seafood Thermidor via the Book The Cook (BTC) option
I chose the BTC Roasted Duck with Plum sauce for my wife

As usual, they asked if I would like wine to go along with my meal and I requested for Chateau Rahoul that I didn’t get from my flight from Singapore to Sydney. Again, they don’t carry it despite it being on the menu, proudly showcased. I settled for the same French wine I had from my prior trip. Still good but I’m a little disappointed.

Still a good wine nonetheless

After the movie ended, I requested for the bed to be made. Here’s how it looks like in the dark:

Fully flat bed. Legs have to slant to the right if you’re seated on the middle left aisle seat

I was asked if I would like to be woken up for breakfast. I said yes. I kind of regretted that choice because breakfast wasn’t great. I could have slept through without having to wake up. Nevertheless, it was good that I did so you can see how it’s like:

Bread, fruits, yoghurt (it was yummy btw) and juice
You can utilise the separator. It doesn’t extend fully

The 777-300ER’s separator doesn’t cover fully unlike the new A380-800s. This means that light filters through in a dark cabin. Not good if you’re affected by light like I am. I engaged the separator so that my wife wouldn’t be disturbed by the light. I went straight back to sleep/rest after.

I think I know why I like flying. Vertically challenged people like me have an advantage. No awkward leg positions!

I requested for a pen from Fiona the stewardess much earlier on. I don’t think she could guess that I was going to write the team a short note. I requested for a SIA bear and there was none left because there were a couple of kids on the flight. I usually collect a bear from every trip. I was delighted when they went out of the way to get me a bear that was only reserved for first class passengers. Kudos to the whole team on this flight!

It’s like mission impossible to write a note neatly and secretly because they are always walking about
Just a sample of my bear collection

And just like that, my trip was over. I’ve already booked my next flight to Seoul, South Korea. Unfortunately, it’s on Premium Economy because I wasn’t fast enough to snag business. It was all waitlisted. But I like to look at things from the bright side: I’ll get to review the ‘premium’ seats for the first time! Let’s see if it’s just a glorified economy seat or a legit premium experience.

Return Premium Economy trip report coming up!

Lastly: Priority baggage collection!


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