Sydney SIA Silverkris Lounge review

My Singapore to Sydney business class trip was pretty predictable because I’m so used to the lounge at Changi’s T2 and T3. Overseas lounges are another thing altogether. A little like Kinder Surprise!

I reached Sydney airport four hours early because my wife wanted to do some shopping at the boutiques.

No prizes for guessing which lane I entered!
I can deal with short queues

To my surprise, there was a dedicated queue lane leading to the security baggage check area. Security clearance was a breeze.

The lounge wasn’t the easiest to find. It wasn’t immediately obvious that I had to go to level 3. But thanks to my wife, she pointed that out to me. I guess that’s why we marry a better half don’t we?

Take the lift up to level 3 and you’ll immediately find the lounge
Sydney Silverkris lounge (Exterior)

As usual, the staff did the regular checks on our boarding pass and we’re good to go. Immediately on the left, you’ll notice a small quiet section. It was completely empty even though the main lounge was fairly full.

Immediately to the left. This place screams: “for introverts only”
Like a good movie teaser! It says, “Full Bar Facilities Available in the lounge”
This greets you right before you enter in
A magazine rack is a must for it to qualify as a lounge it seems. I haven’t been to a lounge without one
Immediately on the right is the buffet section
We chose these seats facing the airport tarmac
View of the lounge where we’re seated at

As I type this blog out, there is one thing that is really outstanding about this lounge; the wifi is really fast! Not that I needed it anyway as I have plenty of internet auto roaming but it’s troublesome to do a personal hotspot from my Iphone.

Winner of lounge WIFI: Sydney Silverkris!

Private solo area. Also, a beautiful place for introverts!

Next up, it’s time to check out the food and drinks:

One of the most impressive displays!
Champagne! Aubret Et Fils Brut. I prefer this to Charles Heidsieck
Press the safety & red buttons firmly at the same time for hot water
Selection of teas. Not as luxurious as TWG branded teas, but some would argue that tea is tea
Salad and assorted breads
These chicken drumettes were actually pretty decent! A wing bit managed to get in (as you’ll see later). You sneaky fella!
This is really good!
Moroccan spiced pumpkin and chickpeas
I know what you’re thinking,  “this looks boring.” I thought the same. It was surprisingly delicious!
Yellow Curry Basa Fish Fillet. If you didn’t already know, Basa is a cheap fish
Assortment of cheese
Notice the wing… hehe

Throughout the past hour, there were many announcements saying another SIA flight (SQ242) was delayed. It’s at times like these that I’m comforted that if my flight is delayed, I’ll be in good hands. These are little comforts that business class passengers pay for. Wifi, food, drinks and shower! Speaking of which:

Unisex toilet and shower
This can be a “life saver” for some passengers
A small make up area within the private shower area (Once you lock it, this area is private)

Here comes the most unimpressive and mildly disappointing part: The male lavatory! It was bothering on disgusting. Seriously SIA, employ a dedicated cleaner like you do at Singapore Changi Silverkris!

This is not what I expect from a business class lounge, especially from SIA.
Waiting for my flight from the comfort of the lounge

Btw, as I write this, It’s been more than an hour and SQ 242 is still delayed… I’m sure the business class folks in SQ242 are okay if they’re not rushing.

It was a pleasant experience in this lounge.

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