SIA return business class to Sydney on 777-300ER Trip Review

Redeeming miles on Business class to Sydney doesn’t come cheap. At 62,000 miles one way per person, it would cost a whopping 248,000 miles for a return trip for two. This is out of reach for most people and it would almost wipe out my mile stash.
Thanks to the recent amazing never before Spontaneous Escapes specials, I managed to redeem a return flight for a grand total of 112,000 miles plus some taxes. Still hefty, but worth every mile for a long haul flight. If I were to pay for this return ticket, it would cost $4,266 per pax.  Each mile is worth about 7 cents after taxes.
Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 7.26.28 PM
At $4266 per adult for a return ticket, it would be completely out of reach for middle class folks
My flight was at 7am in the morning. My wife wanted us to check in early and stay overnight at T3’s Silverkris lounge, but I decided against it because I didn’t really get a good sleep the last time we stayed over.
I Grab taxi from home over to Terminal 3 (T3) and requested to alight right outside gate 5.
Changi T3 has a common check in counter for all SIA business class passengers
Check in was a breeze as usual. No queues!
We had a simple breakfast at T3’s SilverKris lounge before proceeding to board.
TWG tea, and some asian food
Laksa (Cooked fresh at the station)
Checked out the wine section. I haven’t seen some of these labels before

When it was time to board, First class passengers were called to board first. Nobody boarded. After a minute, business class and PPS club members were given priority. Off we go!

Window seats on SIA 777-300ER

The first thing that I noticed when I entered was how similar the seats were to the business class seats on the A350-900. Not that I was unaware of that fact but it’s always nice to experience it for myself.

Seat 12D in the middle row
Happy wife, good life!
Just a short distance away is the first class cabin with four private seats
Love the screens. I usually catch up with movies that I had missed during my busy period
This area is for your legs should you want to lie flat to rest

I’m not particularly fond of the way SIA designs the leg rest part because you have to slant your legs. The only seats that have a full flat portion for your legs are the bulkhead seats. However, it gets snapped up/redeemed really quickly. I did have an option to switch to a bulkhead seat the last time I checked the seat allocation online, but I decided that I rather be beside my wife.

You can go fully flat with a press of a button

Next, I took a few snaps in the lavatory just so you know how it’s like in business class:

Facial mist, hand lotion and mouth wash
The amenities are located in an inconspicuous corner
The various amenities offered

Right after takeover, breakfast was offered. I’ve had something to eat at the lounge so I didn’t feel particularly peckish.

Standard business class set up
Smoked duck
Assortment of bread rolls and jam
Just in case you’re wondering, the plates are supplied by Narumi. This brand can be found at Takashimaya

After breakfast, I managed to catch two Korean movies before lunch was served. As I had “booked the cook” (BTC) in advance. I already knew what I was going to get. I’m in full anticipation. Before it got served, I requested for the beef patty not to be “nuked to oblivion.” Blank stare from the stewardess. I should have just said at the first instance: “Don’t heat it up till the meat patty becomes hard”.

I really enjoyed this Angus beef burger!
My wife had the Chirashi Don

As usual, they’ll ask what kind of wine you would like with your meal. Unfortunately they didn’t have the Chateau Rahoul on board. Which begs the question, why put it in the menu if you don’t have it? Anyway, in certain routes, they have a ‘wild card’ wine. It simply means a wine that is not offered in a menu but a wine specific for that route.

French wine is always a first choice for me. Unfortunately, this wasn’t available
I had this instead, which was a pretty pleasant red. Not too strong on the tannins, very drinkable without needing for it to ‘breathe’ much
My wife enjoying a movie whilst having a meal

After lunch it was time for dessert. I saw the word ICE CREAM. I’m utterly delighted. It’s not a given every flight.

Haagen Daaz and an assortment of cheese. I forgot to take a photo until I had a few bites of the glorious ice cream!

After dessert, I watched half a movie before we landed. The flight seriously felt really short despite it being long haul. This means that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’m looking forward to my flight back to Singapore! It’s also on the 777-300ER.

All good things come to an end but not before our last privilege: The Gold Track pass; Only for first and Business class passengers!

The queues at Sydney, like at any airport, can be rather lengthy. This is definitely a life saver!

And just in eight short hours, my experience comes to an end. I’m looking forward to my return trip in a few days time!


The return leg of the journey (SYD-SIN) can be read here.







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