2018 Throwback & Wishing My Readers A Blessed 2019 Ahead

2018 has been a year of tremendous opportunity but also a year of challenges especially at the final quarter of 2018. Tearing down and renovating a house coupled with the constant drilling from the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) at my block right after moving in will break most people. Drilling starts at 8am and finishes around 6.30pm. It continues even on a Saturday and it is still on-going. I’ve had absolutely no mood to write for the past two months. But there is much to be thankful for. For one, I now have a home of my own.

Image of my house
Partially furnished version of my new home

Before I hint at what I’ll be writing about next year, I’ll do a recap of the wonderful opportunities that I’ve had throughout the year. If you’ve read my Recap of 2017, I mentioned that I wouldn’t be travelling much in 2018. What a surprise 2018 has been!

June – six months after my last business class trip, I sat on  SIA’s A330-300 business class to Seoul via Avianca Lifemiles in 2017. Any luxury travel blogger worth his salt will need to try this product at least once to know where we’ve been and where we’re at now with the latest release of the regional business class seats. To be fair, these seats weren’t half bad for all the criticism that has been levelled against it. Just don’t be stuck in the window seats and you’ll be fine!

Business class on the soon to be phased out A330-300

In less than a month, I was flying on business again.

On 9th of August, also Singapore’s National day, I tried for the first time, the new regional business class on the 787-10. I also fulfilled my bucket list of sponsoring a friend on business class. All this was made possible by the various Spontaneous Escapes promo that are rolled every month on SIA.

If window seats aren’t available, still take the ‘couple’ seat if you want more privacy. The decoupled seat is spacious but feels ‘open’. Just pull up the separator

Having experienced the wonders of escaping spontaneously, the following month, I was travelling again, this time on SilkAir. I managed to have a short holiday with my wife.

September – The deal I’ve been waiting for was finally available. 50% off SilkAir redemptions are nothing to scoff at. Sure, it may pale in comparison with SIA, but 8750 miles one way on Business Class to Bali? Shut up and take my miles!

We’re ‘fun size’ people but it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate more legroom 🙂

October – After Bali came the trip of all trips: The business class trip to Hong Kong. In short. I went on business class to Hong Kong, got my passport stamped and went straight back in on business class back to Singapore. If you missed the epic journey, you can read the full story here (A350-900) and here (A380-800).

Business class on the A350. This is probably my favourite seat. I love the old A380-800 J seats too!
Favourite seat so it gets 2 pics!

I’ve always wanted to try the double bed on the new A380-800 and the saying goes that if you dream hard enough, you’ll get it.

If the double is available when travelling solo, this would make it another favourite of mine; Provided it’s available

Unfortunately, due to my house reno, I didn’t have opportunity to travel in Nov & Dec. I have quite a bit of miles and I’ll be writing about what I might do with it in 2019.

Moving forward, in 2019, these are some things I hope to be writing about:

  • Best luxury travel and living promos
  • My travel plans and what I plan to use my miles for
  • Trying out SIA’s new First Class seats (the passive aggressive meal time seat)
  • How to make food look and taste luxuriously decadent
  • How to navigate* the stock market and cryptocurrency in uncertain times

*I’m not an expert, and in fact I fail quite often. But why go through the pain when you can learn from the pain others go through right? 失败是成功之母

Just a teaser 😛  I’m not starting on this segment so soon as I’m still experimenting. Those who know me well know that food is my passion and I have been into home culinary for quite some time

Till then, I really want to appreciate and thank you for your support. SGGOODLIFE has seen tremendous growth since the start (2017) and I hope to continue to value-add my readers. I’ve had fun writing this post and I feel energy and life coming back!

To an amazing and prosperous 2019 and a Happy & Blessed New Year to everyone!

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