Part II – Return from HK on the new SQ A380-800 Business Class

This post continues on from my previous post: Same Day Return Business to HK. My return trip was on the new A380-800. I’ve been wanting experience it since the official launch of SIA’s new business class. Some say if you dream hard enough, you’ll get what you want. My dream came true on 20th October 2018.

After getting my boarding pass, I proceeded to Hong Kong’s Silver Kris lounge. I’ll review the lounge in a subsequent post. In short, I felt it was rather underwhelming vs the experience I got at Bangkok’s SilverKris Lounge.

I proceeded to board right after lounging. The process needless to say, was a breeze.

Business class isn’t just about the seats; It’s the full experience which includes priority boarding

Despite having experienced business class many times now. There’s still this special feeling whenever I step into a business class cabin. Having sat in economy during much of my younger years, there is sort of this, ‘I’m finally living my dreams’ feeling.

It felt even more intense this time because I’ve been looking forward to experience the double bed ever since the launch of the new A380-800 earlier this year.

Without further ado, let’s go!

General view of the cabin. Notice the dividers that separate each unit

The A380-800 is in a 1-2-1 layout, which means every passenger will have direct access to the aisle. People who fly mostly on SQ often take this for granted. It’s not a given in every airline’s business class although most airlines aspire to this standard. Unlike the regional 787-10 Business class, all the double middle seats can be converted to a double bed. It isn’t really fully a double bed as you will see in a moment but this is the pinnacle of business class and I’m definitely not complaining!

View from the back

I changed my seats from the forward cabin (window seat) to the back cabin just two days prior to flying as the whole cabin was empty. This was also in hope that I would be able to experience the double bed. My rational is that if there was really somebody seated beside me, I could just request for any other available window seat. The ‘gamble’ paid off.

double seat hope
Single travellers typically select the window seats
Middle seats with dividers pushed down

This was my seat. Without the divider, it felt extremely spacious and yet private at the same time. The design was truly well thought out. It puts some other airline’s First Class to shame.

Window Seats. SQ’s Business class looks like First Class on other airlines
This provision allows people to cross halfway without having to go all the way to the back or to the front. It also acts as a pathway to the exit door
Bottom: Storage for the seat cover and duvet. Top: Storage
Fully extendable leg rest
Another set of bears to add to my collection!

Before takeoff, the stewardess asked if I selected the “Hainanese chicken rice” from the Book To Cook option. I said “no.” I clearly remembered selecting the stir-fried chicken with abalone. It was then I realised that I was seated in the wrong seat. How embarrassing! Must have been too excited.

After takeoff, it wasn’t long before the meal was served. Here comes my Book The Cook (BTC) ‘Stir fried chicken with abalone’. But first, the appetiser and usual selection of bread.

Prawn salad appetiser
I chose the garlic bread as usual
The BTC stir fried chicken that came with NO baby abalone. This is probably the worst BTC I’ve eaten. Economy-like food plated on business class plates
Some sort of moose cake. Again, I prefer Ice Cream SIA… Bring back the Haagen Daaz!

Mealtime wasn’t a fantastic experience but this was all made up for by the following experience: the double bed!

I asked the stewardess to help me set up the bed and she kindly obliged.

The “double bed”

This is how the double bed looks like. If you look carefully, you’ll notice a duvet that is placed in between the divider. The double bed isn’t meant to function as a real double bed. Instead, it allows you and your spouse, presumably, to have some sort of connection. The duvet was soft enough and unlike the old A380 First Class Suites, the divider isn’t a hard block that makes it impossible to sleep on. I tried lying down diagonally and it was perfectly fine except that I had no place for place for my legs.

I did indeed have a rest diagonally after I was done with a movie
The customary double bed blogger shot

Speaking of which, the stewardess really went out of her way to help me take pictures. Of all my SQ business class flights, she was the only one who really went the extra mile to help me get some decent shots. This more than made up for the less than satisfactory food.

If you’re travelling alone and there are empty double middle seats, definitely take the middle seats. It was like First Class, just without the Krug and full screen divider.


SIA’s A380-800 business class definitely blows the competition out of the water. It’s a great product with good service that has come to define SIA thus far. I would choose the A380-800 business class when travelling with a partner over the A350-900 anytime.

For solo travel, I actually prefer the A350-900 window seats better as there is no guarantee that I’ll be able to get empty middle double seats. The A350’s seats feel wider and the middle seats will also feel more private because there’s no possibility of a double bed.

Would I fly on this product again? As my favourite saying goes, “Shut up and take my money!”



I’ve no more flights on J or F booked at this moment but I still have miles aplenty. I’m sure it won’t be long before I start jetting off again. Thanks for your support! ^^






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