Enhanced Miles earning via OCBC Titanium Rewards on Mileslife till 31st Dec 2018

People often asked me how I accumulate so many miles and which particular credit card to use. Unfortunately there is no single credit card that acts as a master card. There’s no easy way out and those who dream of their next luxury flight have to employ a set of mile earning strategies. One of which is to utilise special promos with various credit cards. I wrote about Mileslife before so you can catch up on my past articles written here, here, and here.

From now till 31st December 2018, spending on the Mileslife App with your OCBC Titanium Rewards card nets you 6 miles per dollar spent. If you’re already using Mileslife, this should be your default card till end of 2018. Spending is capped at $1000. After which you’re back to 0.4 Mpd.

Front page of the Mileslife App


In addition, you’ll get to earn miles depending on the category selected:

Retail: 1 Mile

Dining and lifestyle: Up to 5 Miles.


As I’m more familiar with dining using the Mileslife app, I will elaborate more on the dining aspect. Realistically speaking, we’re looking at between 7 miles (6 +1) to 9 miles (6 + 3) every time you dine out. This represent tremendous value as every mile is worth about ~4 cents (~5+ via Spontaneous Escapes) when redeeming for business class tickets. This means about 28% to 36% rebate at the very least.

However, there are some things you have to take note when dining using the Mileslife App:

  • GST and Service charge are often not included in the bill which means 17% Of the bill doesn’t provide miles lowering the mile quantum per dollar.


  • No promotional items allowed – The moment you have a single promotion item in your bill, you can’t use Mileslife. I just went to Crystal Jade recently and forgot that promotion items don’t stack. In the end, I had to pay full price for the promotion item in order to utilise Mileslife. In some cases, you might not even be allowed to do that. Case in point: Dining at Miam Miam. I was there today and I couldn’t use the Mileslife app after ordering from the promotional lunch menu.
“lobster bisque” pasta at Miam Miam


  • Opportunity cost – The same restaurant may have 1 on 1 offers or 10 to 50% discount using coupons, apps or credit cards. Going through Mileslife means paying full. That’s essentially like ‘buying miles.’ So do consider if there are other promos available.


These are some dining groups/places that you can look forward to:

merchant 1

Merchant 2
List of groups/restaurants you can earn miles from. There are many more


If you’re new to the concept of Mileslife, you can download the app from the Apple App Store or via Google Play Store. You can use my code [ DANC ] and you’ll get 1000 miles on your first spend (min spend of $49). If I’m not wrong, I’ll get 1,000 miles too. If you like what you’re reading in this blog, I’ll really appreciate use of the code above as I don’t get paid for blogging and I haven’t got any referrals miles yet.

The 1000 miles stacks with the the TR CC promo and up to 3x on what the restaurant is offering. $100 spent at a restaurant can potentially net you up to 1900 miles (1000 + 600 + 300).


I’ll definitely be dining out more! 😛

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