Krisflyer Spontaneous Escapes October 2018 + USA Specials!

Hear hear! SIA Krisflyer is having a massive redemption deal on flights to the USA on premium economy and business class! Other destinations are going at 30% off.

USA Flight Redemptions on the A350ULR

Economy rate for premium economy seats (One way)

  • New York (40,000 instead of 70,000)
  • San Francisco/Los Angeles (38,000 instead of 65,000)

Premium economy saver rate for business class seats (One way)

  • San Francisco/Los Angeles (65,000 instead of 88,000)
A350 Ultra Long Range  Image Credit: Singapore Airlines

I would like to try the fairly new premium economy seats or business non stop long haul on the new A350-900URL. Unfortunately, USA is a destination that is too far for an impromptu trip. This is also the world’s longest commercial flight.

Furthermore, a trip to the US needs at least a week or two’s stay to be worth the ~19 hour flight. Most people would have difficulty requesting for two weeks of leave on a short notice. Why short notice? Because flights have to be booked latest by 31st Sept.

Flights to the US are also hot stuff meaning you won’t want to wait till the end of the month. So my advice is YOLO and book now if you’ve already have the miles sitting in your Krisflyer account.

Speaking of which, I YOLOed and did exactly just that; except that it’s to Hong Kong. I managed to secure business class tickets on the A350-900 and made a return booking on the same day, on the 777-300ER for a total of 38,500 miles + SGD$95.

total HK fare
SGD $2013 if I were to pay via cash. Every mile is worth about 5 cents for this trip

Here’s the thing, this noob here (me) kept thinking that the A350 is a new product, the one that somewhat resembles the old first class suites on the A380 albeit ‘open concept’. It only dawned upon me that I chose the wrong aircraft as I was researching for my blog post. This is definitely one expensive dim sum trip!

The new business on the A380-800. I wanted to book this but mistakenly booked another product instead 😦  Image Credit: SIA

The A350-900 is by no means inferior especially when you consider that the seat width is at 28 inches vs A380-800’s 25 inches. So I guess it’s all good. Also, this is my first time trying the product so it’s still something that I’m looking forward to. Anyway, we’re here for the list of destinations, not my sob story (first world problems I know). So here goes:

Required miles for SQ flights after 30% discount

(E) = Economy (B) = Business  *Some Black out dates

South East Asia

  • Jakarta (E) – 5250 & (B) – 12,250
  • Bangkok (E) – 8750 & (B) – 14000
  • Hanoi (E) – 8750 & (B) – 14000
  • Ho Chi Minh – 8750 (E) & (B) – 14000
  • Manila (E) – 8750 & (B) – 14000
  • Yangon (E) – 8750 & (B) – 14000

North Asia

  • Guangzhou* (E) – 10500 & (B) 19250
  • Hong Kong* (E) – 10500 & (B) 19250
  • Beijing* (E) – 14000 & (B) 24500
  • Shanghai* (E) 14000& (B) 24500
  • Nagoya (E) – 17500
  • Seoul (B) – 30100

South Asia

  • Ahmedabad (B) – 24500
  • Bangalore (B) – 24500
  • Chennai (E) – 12,950 (B) – 24500
  • Colomno (B) – 24500
  • Dhaka (E) – 12950 & (B) – 24500
  • Mumbai (E) – 12950


I’m really looking forward to doing a business review on the A350-900 and 777-300ER, which is what SIA frames as the standard business class seats amongst the lot. It’s going to be hectic ‘work(blogging)/business’ trip for real. #whyisthisnotmyrealjob


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