Bali Airport T/G Priority Pass Lounge Review

My flight from Bali to Singapore was with AirAsia. Seriously, I don’t regret not being able to book a business class flight back. SilkAir & SQ’s business class passengers get to utilise the Premier Lounge. Guess what, Premier Lounge serves Priority Pass (PP) guests too. So it’s not exactly exclusive.

Priority Pass members get to choose between two lounges at Ngurah Rai International Airport: Premier and T/G. I scrolled through reviews of both. The reviews were generally on a negative side. I chose to go with T/G. Both lounge can be located at the 2nd level (Mezzanine level) after baggage check and walking pass the duty free shops.

Entrance to the 2nd floor where Premier lounges are located
T/G lounge in the forefront and Premier is behind in red lettering

If you don’t have a PP card, you can either pay USD $25 or 330,000 Rupiah for access. DBS Altitude CC provides two complimentary lounge visits a year so this definitely comes in handy since I’m not taking business. Take note: “year” means your DBS card’s anniversary, NOT standard or financial year.

Couldn’t be more obvious. But I like!
Or you could also sign up for an MCO green/Indigo card to get unlimited lounge access via Lounge Key! Use my referral link to sign up for and you get $50 when you stake 50 MCO in App!
Entrance into T/G Lounge

I quite like the decor of T/G. As I stepped in, I was half expecting it to be crowded. It was pleasantly empty. The reviews said the staff’s service was lacklustre, If anything, I’m going to change that by being nice to them.

Immediately left to the entrance is the bar
The sight that greets you on the right. Almost empty!
My wife and I chose the seats here. It feels more private
Another view of the lounge
Back corner of the lounge

It’s time to explore the food.

Noodle Station


Assortment of salad and simple fruits
Croissant and Muffins. The Croissant was yummy btw!
Assortment of bottled and canned drinks
Unlimited soft drinks and juice for sweet tooths

On the other side, is the hot food station.

Reviews have said that the fries are probably the freshest food in the lounge as it is replaced more frequently. I concur


Hot food section


The question some of you might be asking by now is if there are alcoholic drinks. Yes there are. Each guest is provided with three complimentary glasses of white/red or Bintang draft beer.

When I first read other lounge reviews, they mentioned that 3 x 120ml was given to each guest. True enough, it says 120ml on the paper. But based on my expert measurement of alcohol (I studied Dietetics btw), this is probably 250ml or what dietitians term as 1 standard drink. It’s definitely not 120ml which is only 4 shot glasses (30ml x 4) worth. FYI, a standard 330ml can with 5% alcohol is about 1.3 standard drinks. Apologies, it’s the ex dietitian in me talking XD

The beer was fresh. It may not be free flow but 3 glasses is decent by any standard. The “1” on my paper means one redemption left

Overall, surprisingly, I enjoyed this lounge. The space was comfortable. Food wasn’t fantastic but it’ll suffice. The beer was fresh. I had a quick taste of the white wine before leaving for my boarding gate, it was drinkable. Staff service was decent. I always think staff service is partially in relation to how well one treats service staff. I always try to be nice to service staff because it isn’t easy in their line of work having to serve customers day in and day out.

Would it be too premature to say that T/G is better than Premier? I think I’ll have to go back to Bali to find out!

And finally, I booked the spacious E exit seats for my wife and I on Air Asia back to Singapore. I’ve been spoilt silly by the seat pitch on business class travel XD!








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