I spent the night at Changi’s Silverkris lounge – This is what it’s like

I once wrote that you could do an early check in at Changi airport. I took this to another level, I decided to stay the night at Changi’s SilverKris lounge.

SilverKris T3 – Couch area


Destination: Bali, Indonesia

Airline: SilkAir

Departure time: 7am

Terminal: 2

I booked a flight to Bali for my wife and I on SilkAir business. This entitles us to use the Krisflyer SilverKris lounge. I’ve already reviewed T2 Silverkris & T3 SilverKris lounges so I won’t go into the details. Spending the night, is a different story altogether. I decided to do a sleepover because I wanted to review what it was like to spend a night at the lounge. In addition, If I were to sleep at home, I would have to wake up at 4am to catch my 7am flight.

My experience:

Upon reaching T2 at 10.30pm, my wife and I proceeded to row 4 to attempt an early check but an uneasy sight greeted us: there were absolutely no staff manning rows 1 to 4! I proceeded to ask a random service staff who happened to be at row 4 and she told me that the whole section was closed but I could try asking the staff at row 2 (a few staff were hidden behind the counter). When I went there, they said that rows 1 to 4 were closed (no shit sherlock). Unbeknownst to me, early check in counters at T2 closes before 10pm.

It was now 10.45pm and neither my wife and I had dinner. Not a good sign. I told them I just needed a boarding pass as I wasn’t planning to check in my hand luggage. I was directed back to the “excess baggage” counter at row 4. The guy manning that counter said that I had to go over to T3. This is totally NOT COOL. For a world’s best airport, I could have been told to go to T3 straight instead of the staff playing ‘tai chi’ with my request.

I proceeded to T3 and had no problems at SIA’s business check in row. As SilkAir is SIA’s sister airline, I was given an SIA business class ticket with the word “SilkAir” being hardly visible. Time to proceed to the lounge, we were utterly famished at this point.

Upon reaching T3’s SilverKris lounge, the staff kindly reminded us that our boarding gate was at T2. We could use the lounge nevertheless, a fact I already knew from reading other travel blogs. After securing our spot for the night, my wife and I took turns to get some food and drinks.

Buffet Section at SilverKris T3

The food spread was decent with some familiar offerings, but nothing really outstanding.

Pork belly kimchi stew & Marmite chicken

 There were many types of food available but I only captured a few


The alcoholic drinks section was pretty standard. The champagne (Charles Heidsieck) was available without the need to request from the staff.

Drinks section: I don’t remember seeing a Glenlivet before
TWG Tea Corner. Always a delight!
At midnight, the space was almost empty save for a few travellers
My wife making herself feel comfortable

When we decided to turn in for the night, I went to source for blankets and pillows from the staff. Yes, they do provide that. I only knew this provision from reading reviews from other bloggers.

Blankets with pillows that had fresh pillow cases donned right in front of me

I disliked the blankets, the material used was terrible. The pillows however, were comfortable.

My wife decided to have a shower before turning in. She said the shower’s pressure was strong and she thoroughly enjoyed it. In addition, she was provided with fresh towels. I decided to have mine upon waking up.

The lounge was almost completely empty at 3am!
Not the most comfy but it’s a safe place to rest if you’re having a long layover or transit

I set my alarm for 5.45am. Another reason why I decided to stay over was to test the shower. There are three shower rooms. Despite this, there was a queue for the shower at 5.50am. I was third in line.

As someone gets out, the cleaner will do a quick clean of the room, replace the toiletries, provide a fresh towel, complete with the plastic wrapping. The shower was alien to me, not cool when one is rushing for time. It actually took a full minute for me to figure out how to use it. For all the effort, I was definitely not going to let this photo opportunity go to waste. Here’s how it looks like:

The rain shower and the back sprays can be operated simultaneously. I took one for the team so you don’t have to feel silly if you encounter this! The rain shower knob is right above



Would I stay the night again? I wouldn’t unless absolutely necessary. I’m a light sleeper and the lights and occasional announcements meant that I didn’t manage to get a good rest. However, I wouldn’t think twice about going to the transit area early to utilise the Silverkris lounge, even for an evening flight. One could technically live there:

  • Wifi
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Restroom
  • Shower
  • Charging stations

Necessities checked!

Some of us just live on Wifi don’t we?


Thanks for reading 🙂



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