Return Business on SIA To Bangkok – A Full Review On The New 787-10

I was once given an SIA 787-10 bear by a friendly steward onboard my last business flight to Seoul. Two months later, the opportunity of a lifetime came: I managed to score two return tickets for my buddy and I to Bangkok through the Spontaneous Escapes promo on the National Day weekend.

My flight was from Changi T2 and I’ve already detailed my first T2 SilverKris lounge experience.

The new regional business class seats. Notice the alternate seating arrangement

First Impressions

Upon stepping in, the first thing you’ll notice is how the seats alternate between the ‘couple seats’ and the ones which have  a physical divide. I was travelling with a friend, so I booked us the couple seat on 16D & F.

My friend’s virgin business class trip to Bangkok!
View from the back of the plane. Notice the alternating TV Screens

This cabin is in a 1, 2, 1 configuration. Unlike the old regional business, every row in this cabin has direct access to the aisle. This is definitely a welcome change, especially for single travellers who like to sit by the window.

Direct access to the aisle. Choose this configuration for more privacy

If you’re a single traveller and you have no choice but to select one of the ‘couple’ seats, you still have the option to pull up the divider. If I were travelling alone and the window seats aren’t available, I would still select the couple seats because it feels much more private and enclosed.

If you prefer space over privacy, choose the decoupled seats. It feels much more spacious, because you’re not blocked by the chunky design (foot rest for the passenger behind) on my right hand side.

We had the ‘decoupled’ seats on our way back from Bangkok

Many components that are on the seats have been carefully thought through. Pictures speak a thousand words so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

USB charging ports, a place to store your valuables, and a drink holder
One continuous press and you can go fully flat!
Lighting options
A foot rest and a place to store your cabin bag (You can also store it in the overhead compartment if you wish to)

The Process

As you get seated, you’ll be offered newspapers to read, juice, water, or champagne. The usuals that I’ve grown accustomed to.

The service I got on my trip to BKK was lacklustre. It was professional but not personal.

On my return trip however, the stewardess was friendly and warm, and addressed my name personally. She also made an effort to help me take pictures without making it seem like she was rushing. We even had a conversation going. At the end of the day, it’s not the product per se, it’s the service that can make or break the premium experience.


I used the Book To Cook (BTC) option and selected the Chilean seabass. I’ve already tried the BTC lobster twice. Nevertheless, I did select the lobster thermidor for my friend as it was his virgin trip on business.

BTC: Chilean Seabass on a Bed of Kale and Quinoa Salad with Tomato Jelly and Almond Flakes
Appetiser: Marinated Salmon and Cucumber Salad on Mesclun Lettuce

The Chilean seabass was tasty as usual but I’m not really into quinoa or kale. I just wanted to try something different and so that my faithful readers get to see something other than lobster thermidor. The marinated salmon was delightful!

Once I was served the the main course, the steward came along and offered a selection of bread.

The garlic bread is the popular choice according to travel bloggers

The TV Experience

I absolutely love the new TV. It’s large and has touch screen capabilities. SIA: well done on this one!

I watched “The Commuter” on my flight to BKK

HOWEVER, I was deeply unsatisfied with the audio experience. For my first headphone, the right side wasn’t working. I requested for another headphone and for some reason, the max volume was really soft. I requested a third headphone and it wasn’t much better.

Both no good 😦

I didn’t experience any problems on my return leg to Singapore. Perhaps it’s the seat itself. But my friend also experienced problems with his headphones on our journey to Bangkok and he also had his headphones replaced.

The Bathroom

The business class bathroom on the 787-10 is similar to other aircraft. Slightly more spacious than economy but nothing really special. They used to give out amenities but they don’t now. The toiletries can be found in an inconspicuous corner of the bathroom.

Inflight WIFI

On both trips, I couldn’t connect to the WIFI on my phone and I found the process unnecessarily tedious. I think there is much room for improvement in this aspect. Not cool SIA.


The Fully ‘Flat bed’

Another thing that differentiates between the old and new regional business is the ability to go fully flat. Although there was no necessity on a 2 hour flight, I went fully flat just to get the experience. The blanket given is also really comfy!

The chair that goes fully flat with a press of a button

Overall, I thing one phrase describes my feelings on this flight:

“I could get used to this!”

I don’t have another business or first trip coming up, but I do have a healthy stash of miles. Let’s hope some exciting deal comes up on Spontaneous Escapes soon!


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