Finding your worm at Changi Airport – Pro Tip

Changi Airport is one of the few airports that allow for early check in.

In my last business class trip report to Seoul, I wrote about the possibility of doing an early check in at Changi. I almost wanted to do a sleep over but decided against it.

Changi T2 Economy Check In, Row 3

WHY check in early?

For folks taking Economy:

  • Spare yourself the agony – of rushing, only to wait behind a long queue of people two hours before a flight
  • Explore Changi Airport and perhaps even catch a movie.

For folks taking business:

  • Access the Business Class Lounge and have food and drinks to your heart’s content.
  • For business travellers, most lounges offer decent seating and relatively fast lounge wifi; perfect for work (I’m blogging as we speak.)
  • If you’re the kind that like to be in high spirits
SilverKris T2 Lounge – Wine and Spirits

HOW to check in early:

This is largely dependent on the airline that you’re on.

If you’re taking SIA: You can check in up to 48 hours before your flight. Head over to Row 3 at T2 or Row 4 at T3.

The process – Scan your passport, and it’ll print your boarding pass and bag tag. Attached your bag tag to your bag and drop your bag at the front counter.


You can skip the queue even on economy!

What happens if you’re not flying via SIA, you can click here to see if your airline caters for early check in.


I was lamenting the thought of having to do a early check this way. I asked the service staff if that was a business class check in and I was promptly pointed to Row 1.

Ah, the sight I’m grown to be familiar with!
Changi T2, Row 1


Well, you could technically go home after getting your boarding ticket but I don’t think it would make any sense to do that. Please comment if it does to you!

Do take note that once you go into the transit area, you won’t be able to get out. But at Changi, there are little reasons to.

For business class or DBS Treasures folks, No Sweat; there’s a lounge for us!


This concludes my short early check in post. I will be reviewing T2’s SilverKris Lounge shortly!


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