Changi T2 SilverKris Lounge Review

My last few flights on First and Business have been from Changi Terminal 3 (T3). For the first time, we found ourselves at Terminal 2’s (T2) SilverKris flyer lounge. Let’s check it out! Click here if you prefer a video walk-through.


Changi Terminal 2 SILVERKRIS Lounge

T2’s Silver Kris lounge is a tad more difficult to locate than at T3. After getting through the passport gantry, head left. there should be an escalator hidden behind.

Strangely, I find T2’s SilverKris lounge to be more welcoming. I conversed with the staff that I’ve tried Changi T3 Silverkris Lounge many times but this is my first to T2. She commented that it was smaller.

Well, she was right, it was half the size. But no less elegant.

The sight that greets you as you step in

This lounge was relatively empty when we stepped in. My guess is there isn’t as much flights departing in the early afternoon. After all, we checked in early.

General view of the lounge’s seating area

My friend was famished after his gym session before and he was saving his stomach for his first lounge experience (I hope it didn’t disappoint). He immediately went for the buffet section. Well, I wasn’t disappointed and I found it to be better than what was offered at T3.

The buffet food section
Cream Snapper with Dill Caper Sauce
Herbal Bak Kut Teh

We got ourselves a place on a wide bench. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t that hungry because I had lunch before coming. Well, I’ve got a blog to write and I primarily survive on wifi and champagne (Just joking, I only had a glass). I tried a red but I would have preferred it to be on a drier side.  I also had a Pierre water on the side, just to stay hydrated.

We started off here but moved off to a work station later
Another section offering pastries of some sort
TWG tea corner
soft drinks, juice, and water
For coffee lovers!
Selection of wine and spirits
My friend suggested that we work at the computer counter. Good choice mate!


I made my friend and I two different cups of TWG tea each. We were doing work and this was just perfect.

TWG’s Emperor Sencha Japanese Tea is really good! I recommend


Overall, I was pretty satisfied with this lounge, I’m really excited to try the new regional business and I’ll be heading to the boarding gate slightly early to get first dips. Hoping to snap some awesome pictures!


Next up: SIA Regional Trip Report to Bangkok on the new SIA 787-10




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