Business Class


Business Class Seats on the A380-800 (Upper deck)

Have you ever wondered why people are willing to pay or redeem for business class flights even though they cost way more than economy?  Here are ten reasons why:

1. Birds of the same feather flock together – Successful people like being around others of the same caliber. There’s no ‘cannot be done,’ but only ‘how can we make it happen?’

In the business cabin, you’re surrounded (generally) by people with good etiquette and a positive mindset. There are also opportunities to network with people who are fairly successful in their line of work.

2. Smooth check in process – Checking in at the airport is a breeze. It saves time, allowing one to engage in more meaningful activities rather than just standing in line. A less known benefit is that it also reduces anxiety. If you’re rushing to the airport due to unforeseen circumstances, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is dealing with a long queue.


3. Lounge access – Business class lounges provides you with a place to relax, dine, and do work. Most lounges also have their own dedicated WIFI, providing faster internet access. The restrooms are often cleaner and some lounges even offer travelers a place to shower. This is valuable especially for someone who is making a transit after a long flight. Simple things like shaving or touching up your make up feel completely different. There’s less privacy at a shared terminal restroom.

SilverKris Lounge

4. Better seats, Bigger leg room – Economy seats are almost short of being a nightmare for tall people. Their natural height advantage becomes their inconvenience, especially on long flights. Seating in tight spaces is bad for health. Business class seats? No sweat! Even people who are vertically challenged will enjoy the extra space, allowing them to cross their legs however they desire. Another often forgotten fact is that in business, your laptop is not limited by space and you don’t have to worry about the person in front tilting back.

Business on the A330-300. Lots of space to do work

Width wise, the seats are also more comfortable and spacious. On certain airlines, business seats are in leather; far more comfortable than the seats on economy which are made not for your comfort, but for the fact that they’re easier to clean.

5. Greater meal choices – In economy flights, you’re often presented with two choices, with chicken usually being one of the options. on Business, depending on the airline, you can often request for specific meals even before boarding. At the very least, you’ll often be presented with three choices.


6. Quality food with better presentation – No one knows the importance of a well presented meal better than the Japanese. When I was studying nutrition, I was taught that the process of digestion begins before food even enters your mouth. Appetizing food prepares the body to better absorp the nutrients. The food is served on proper crockery instead of an aluminium tin box.


7. Better selection of drinks – The wines served up on economy are young and rough on the palate. The wines served on business have some class and age to them. Then there’s champagne. Nothing’s more refreshing than having a cold glass of bubbly whilst watching the bubbles gently float up.

Economy class don’t get served champagne!

8. Bigger TV with better headphones – The TV on business are a bigger with higher definition. No more squinting at the subtitles.


9. Fully Flat beds – For business travelers, rest is crucial before a multi million dollar  deal, especially on a red eye flight. Ever tried sleeping on a medium/long haul flight in economy? I’ve done that plenty of times and my neck always hurt when I wake up.

Flat bed on the A380-800

10. The unspoken truth – From check in till the time you disembark from the plane, service staff tend to be more polite and accord the business class traveller with greater respect.


These are just some reasons on why people are willing to pay premium to seat on business class. There are other reasons which I’ve yet to mention.

I’ll be flying on return business to Bangkok soon and I’m looking forward to experiencing the new 787-10 regional business class seats as well as a special privilege that I’ll share in my upcoming blog post. Till then!

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