Spontaneous Escapes – How I sponsored a buddy on a return trip on SIA Business

One of the items on my bucket list is to sponsor a friend on business class. Business redemptions aren’t exactly cheap, even more so after SIA’s great mile devaluation. But there’s a silver lining, SIA introduced a monthly promo called Spontaneous Escapes shortly after. The issue is that it requires one to travel on a short notice of less than a month. There are also black out periods that often include school and public holidays.

Therefore, booking a premium flight requires forward planning:

  1. You need to have in stock, a healthy amount of Krisflyer miles for the destinations you’re aiming for
  2. You need to avail yourself to travel on the required date
  3. You need to book fast for popular dates and destinations

Like ‘D Day’ for the famous rescue of the wild boar team in Thailand, my far less noble moment came yesterday (16/7/18) whilst I was waiting to pick my wife up at the airport. I was alerted to the discounted destinations that had been released through one of my favourite blogs.

There’s a difference between taking business class on the old regional business cabin (A330-300) verses the swanky new regional business class cabin (787-10). You’d be kicking yourself for going for an inferior product when the new product is available. My Business trip to S Korea however, was a different story. I had only one product choice.

double regional
New regional business class (737-10). Image credit: SIA
Old regional business class (A330-300)
The convo that took place when I first found out about this golden opportunity

I was surprised to find that seats on the new regional business (787-10) was still available, whereas flights on the old regional business (A330-300) were all snapped up. I hazard a guess that people want to reach Bangkok earlier.

Well, if enjoying business class is not the aim of the game, then fair enough. In that case, if my aim is just to reach there early, I’d rather redeem for economy, which is going at an even greater discount (40%) vs business (30%).

sg to bkk biz booking
Take note of the aircraft type. Above (A330-300). Below: () <– (787-10)

If you don’t see the 30% discount pop up, just trust the system and click on the 20,000 miles and you should see the discount pop up at the top. Do note that you’ll have to pay $49.50 worth of taxes (used to be S$34; it’s more expensive now because we’re paying in advance for Changi’s new terminal 5). Return from BKK is still the same at 1500 Baht (~S$34)

I wanted to book economy back for us but alas, it was completely snapped up in less than 6 hours since the news was released. No real surprises there; Bangkok is a popular destination and it is the NDP weekend.

economy no seats
Completely no saver redemptions available for economy!

Since there were no economy seats left, I decided that if i wanted to treat my friend, I might as well go all the way, so I redeemed us a ticket back to Singapore on business too.

comment on no econ
No economy, no problem! We’ll just go for Business!

How much would it cost if we were to pay for return business class tickets per person? It would cost between $1,155 to $1,630.

Prices for return biz

Let’s calculate the value we’re getting from our miles:

2 way redemption on business per person: 28,000 miles (after 30% discount)


$1,155 minus taxes of $81 = $1074

$1074 / 28,000 = 3.8 cents per mile


$1,630 minus taxes of $81 = $1590

$1590 / 28,000 = 5.5 cents per mile


3.8 to 5.5 cents per mile is pretty decent value by any standards.  If you got 4 miles for every $1, it would mean 15% to 22% rebate on all spend. Far better value than using a cashback card.

Click here for the full Spontaneous Escapes destinations and miles required for redemption.

*Take note that redemptions have to be done before 31st July 2018, and travel has to be between 1 to 31 of August 2018.


Next up: Trip report to Bangkok onboard the new SIA 787-10 Regional Business Class


Thank you for your readership. Keep following for the very best deals and updates 🙂 Cheers!

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