Triple dipping at SG Starbucks

How to Triple/Quadruple dip at Starbucks in Singapore –

(updated 4/8/18)

Coffee lovers would rather forgo their ‘house’ than give up coffee (Just like in the Korean movie ‘Microhabitat’ – a girl would rather forgo her rental room than give up whisky, cigarettes and her BF). If that somewhat resembles you, and Starbucks is your typical go to for your coffee fix, then read on!

Triple dipping is simply the laying of discounts/rebates to get maximal returns per dollar spent. For simplicity, I’m going to calculate based on every $60 spent.

It certainly is more than just a gift card

1. Always buy drinks using the Starbucks card ($8 rebate per $60)

If you frequent Starbucks, you probably already know that the Starbucks card allows you to redeem one free drink for every 60 points earned (every dollar spent = 1 point) if you are a green member.

Redeeming a venti (large) cup of coffee or frappuccino is easily around $8.

$8.70 for a Dark Mocha Frap but it’s mine for free!

2. Top up your Starbucks card using a Citibank PremierMiles Credit card.

At 1.2 Mpd, it isn’t great but it’s still better than paying with cash.

*Technically, you can top up with any other credit card for miles/rebates/points, but then you’ll only be double dipping.

I don’t really fancy Starbucks, but they got their marketing strategy right

3. Citibank offers 10% rebate with every $10 spent ($6 rebate per $60)

Starbucks rebate
click here for the fully list of participating merchants

Top up your Starbucks card with $10 and you’ll get $1 rebate. My experience with Citi Premiermiles is that the rebate gets instantly reflected on the receipt.

If you want to utilise Citi rebates, you have to use the actual card


The magic ‘quadruple dip’

It is always my practice to check for on going promotions on their Facebook page before purchasing. Occasionally, Starbucks has a 1 for 1 drink promo. Recently, they’ve been having a 20% discount on drinks when paying via the Starbucks card/Starbucks App.

starbucks 1 for 1
The last known 1 for 1 ended on the 24th of May, 2018

Starbucks isn’t my favourite outlet, I actually prefer Coffee Bean for the record. However if I wanted to savour coffee, I much rather go to boutique coffee shops. But I’m a pragmatic person; I often frequent coffee shops to do work. The quality of coffee is secondary and I’m price sensitive.


I hope this article has been useful for you! 🙂




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