SKY HUB LOUNGE (Incheon T1) – A lounge that leaves much to be desired


My trip back to Singapore from Seoul was on SIA’s economy class. This means I have to utilise my global Priority Pass (PP) privilege if I want access to a lounge. After getting my boarding pass, I proceeded to find the lounge. Sky hub lounge is “located next to the transit counter, opposite gate 11”.

Well, in reality, there were little signs pointing to this lounge and it took me 10 mins just to find it. 10 mins isn’t a terribly long time, but for me it was ‘eternity’ because I desperately wanted to do ‘number 2’, and I was hoping to do it at a clean lounge toilet.

For starters: Queues   I.Hate.Queues.

Lo and behold, when I finally found the lounge, I had to contend with a queue. It took at least 5 mins to clear. I managed to get in uneventfully using my PP card issued by Citibank (Premiermiles). FYI, walk-ins without PP will cost you $39. I’ll leave you to decide whether this is worth the lounge experience after reading this post. The lounge is open from 07:00 to 21:30 pm & 22:00 to 06:00 daily.

Welcome to the… ‘back entrance of a supermarket’

Upon getting in, I snapped a few quick pictures and proceeded to look for the restroom. I searched every corner possible. NO RESTROOM in sight. By this time, I was desperate, how can a lounge not have a restroom/toilet? Well, now I know!

I wasn’t sure if I could get back in after getting out of the lounge but at this point, I don’t care. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, biologically, this is a top priority. I went to ask the counter staff where the restrooms are located and if I could get in again. They said it was located outside the lounge and thankfully, they said yes.

The sight that greets you when you first step in
A small lounge that was quite full of people

After settling the ’emergency’, I stepped into the lounge. I wasn’t sure if they noticed me at all, but I got in without any problems. It’s time to snap pictures of the food and drinks on offer.

This looks exciting, until I realised there’s hardly any food in there
Almost empty. The ice below is fake ice btw
The fake ice salad bar
The only food section that has some resemblance of decency

All the PP lounge I’ve been to so far have offered some sort of hot food. However, the whole hot food buffet section was empty. I know it’s 10.30pm at night, but the lounge is charging customers to the tune of ‘$39’ for walk-ins. It’s totally unacceptable to not at least have some form of hot food.

To be fair, other reviews of this lounge have mentioned that they serve hot cooked food. Maybe I just came at the wrong time. Good thing my friends gave me a good send off dinner.

If you’re into free flow instant Shin ramen noodles, this might be the lounge for you!
The ONLY alcohol drink available was ‘under maintenance’

I don’t expect PP lounges to hold up to the standard of regular business class lounges, but it should at least have the basics. This lounge definitely didn’t have the basics. No hot food, no beer.

Coffee machine

I’m pretty sure this coffee machine works, but it’s 10.30pm now, and I don’t need coffee before a red eye flight.

Standard selection of drinks. A regular feature of PP lounges

I’ve seen fridges stocked with a greater variety of drinks, but this is ‘okay’

Squeezy sitting
Charging point. You’ll need an international plug if you want to utilise this
Computers available for use

Overall, this was a lounge that left me severely wanting. If this was the standard of all PP lounges, I would be ashamed to be a luxury blogger. Thankfully, there are better PP lounges. You can read my other PP lounge experiences here &here. The next time I come back to Seoul (I know I’ll definitely be back), Incheon T1, I’ll try the Matina lounge.

This experience makes paying for SIA business class all the more worth it. If you haven’t read my SIA business class trip report to Seoul, you can click here.

Have you had a good experience with this lounge or any bad experiences with other PP lounges? Let me know at the comments below!

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