Promo of the decade: Citibank offers up to 8 mpd via spend on APPLE PAY!

Apple fans rejoice! Not to be outdone by OCBC’s Titanium Rewards card (my go to card for almost everything), Citibank came up with a slew of promos for its range of credit cards. This offer is until the 31st of July 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 6.18.52 PM
Click here to visit Citi’s official promo site

I’m normally up to speed with blogging about amazing promos but I delayed posting so that I can show proof of the bonus miles via my Premiermiles card. Let’s dissect the whole promo together:

These are the three main categories of eligible Citi credit cards:

Rewards/ Citi Dollars

Citi Prestige: *20 Citi Dollars

Citi Ultima: *20 Ultima Dollars

Citi Rewards Visa/Mastercard: *20 Citi Dollar

*20 Citi/Ultima dollars = 8 Miles


Citi PremieMiles Visa: 4 Citi Miles


Citi Cash Back Visa/Mastercard: 5% Cashback

Citi M1 Card: 5%  (Citi Rebate)

Citibank SMRT Card: 5%  (SMRT$)

Aaron from the Milelion (also the guy who encouraged me to start blogging) has done up a fantastic table summarising everything. Click here to visit the article.


This promo was particularly exciting for me because I’m reaching the 120,000 OCBC$ limit on my Titanium Rewards soon. I don’t own the Citi Rewards card but I’m in the process of getting one. (I’ve got my Citi Rewards card and I’m absolutely loving it) Meanwhile, I’ve been “testing the water” by using my Premiermiles CC on Apple Pay to prepare for bigger purchases.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 6.51.43 PM.png
Premiemiles base rate: 1.2 mpd ,  Bonus: 2.8 mpd

Simple math has concluded that my bonus miles have been credited!

41 divide by 1.2 = $34 spent

95 divide by 2.8 = $34 spent


The moment I get my Citi Rewards Card (It has been approved, just waiting for it to arrive), it’ll automatically be my go to card because 20X rewards is 8 mpd, which is 2 times more than what Premiermiles is offering.

citibank rewards
20X Rewards till 31st July!!!

Do take note that spending on the special categories that gives 10x will override the 20x bonus. Purchases that won’t give you the bonus are (shoes, clothes, bags),  (departmental stores), and (online shopping)

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 7.00.52 PM
These are the categories that do NOT give 20X points, only 10X

However, that being said, there is a current promo at Takashimaya, which will give you 20x. I wrote about it here. The promo is ending soon (3rd May 2018), so you’ll have to hurry if you’re eyeing purchases there (This promo has ended). My guess is that the Great Singapore Sale is starting soon hence the cessation of this promo in early May.

There have been much debate online whether the bonus points caps at 120,000 Rewards point per year as Citi’s T&C’s haven’t been really clear. At the moment, no one has really indicated that they didn’t receive their points for spending above that. Meanwhile, I prefer to stay on the safe side so I’ll stick to spending a max $6000 on this card. I’ll update this blog when I get more details.

Update: The Citi Rewards 8 Mpd promo doesn’t have a limit!

What does this promo mean for those paying via APPLE PAY on their Rewards card?

Anything from groceries to electronics stores that accepts Apple Pay (sorry, no love for all you Samsung fans out there), will entitle you to 20X. Even going to Accident & Emergency will allow for that! Read more on my past experience here.

I’ve already written quite a bit on using Apple Pay through my various post so I’ll skip the details. Here are two common terminals that accept Apple Pay.

If it’s $100 and above, you might need to request for a bill split (if possible)
My favourite terminal! Transactions via Apple Pay are fast and clear

Citi’s Prestige and Ultima are also offering 20X Citi dollars. However, I don’t own these cards and prefer to walk my readers through on what I’ve personally experienced.

As usual, it’s important to read Citibank’s T&C (click here ) before committing to any purchases.

Stay tuned for further updates on this amazing Citi deal!


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