How to earn miles part IV – Bills (Medical)


(Updated as of 4/8/18)

– Nobody likes to be hospitalised. But if you’re a frequent flier to the hospital or if your love ones are, utilising the right forms of payment will ensure maximum rebate in terms of miles. I’m not totally against cash back credit cards, but I’m going to stay true to the original intent of this blog: “Luxury Living Made Accessible”.

Operating theatre
Surgical operations are a costly affair

There’s nothing affordable about going to the hospital. I’ve always wondered how seeing a specialist for 5 mins (often lesser) can set one back by $93. Even after subsidy, I’m still left with a $39 bill. Thankfully, my employer’s medical scheme covers a portion, with the rest taken out of my salary.

specialist bill
I should have studied harder to become a specialist!

But what if you don’t have that privilege or you’re not in a situation where you can be covered? In that case, you’ll definitely want to be using the right payment method.

A&E bill
Completely out of pocket. Thankfully, I could pay via Apple Pay
Modes of payment
A myriad of payment options but which one to choose?

If you’re not working, then perhaps your only options are by cash, Nets or via a debit card. But if you are, then you should absolutely avoid the top row and middle right row of the above picture. Those payment methods provide you with nothing in return.

Unless you have issues with managing your money (like paying only minimum sum on a credit card), you should always pay with a credit card. At the moment, the absolute best option is to pay via MOBILE PAYMENT (for OCBC’s Titanium). I have to stress this in caps because if you hand in your physical card for payment, all I can say is …

Mobile Payment ONLY (Apple, Google & Samsung Pay)

  • OCBC’s Titanium Rewards: 4 mpd (offered ended prematurely on 4/8/18)


Via Paywave

  • UOB Preferred Platinum Visa: 4 mpd, (limit $1K per calendar month)

Image result for uob preferred platinum visa

If you don’t have these two cards. The next best alternative will be general spending cards such as the:

  • UOB PRVI Miles: 1.4 mpd
  • Standard Chartered Visa Infinite – 1.4 mpd (min $2k spend per statement cycle)
  • Citi Prestige – 1.3 mpd
  • Citibank Premiermiles Visa: 1.2 mpd
  • DBS Altitude : 1.2 mpd
  • OCBC Voyage: 1.2 to 1.6 mpd (depends on version)

Conservatively, this represents up to 2.8% rebate (1.4 x 2 cents) if you use these cards. The only other cash back card that rivals these cards is the American Express True Cashback Card, which provides 3% cash rebate in the first 6 months. However, 6 months is short and nobody ever plans to be hospitalised. Furthermore, it caps at $5,000 spend. No thank you, I rather stick with my miles credit card.

Xray bill
My potential bill just for some X-ray. We haven’t even started talking about surgical cost yet.

Having to see the doctor or being hospitalised isn’t fun. But at the very least, you can rest slightly better knowing that you’re one bill closer to resting on a flat bed in the sky.

Take Care!


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