Changi T3 Silverkris Lounge Review

I’m writing this backdated review at Sendai airport whilst waiting for my flight to Hokkaido; sadly, not from a lounge. Lounge access can easily be taken for granted until you actually need one. The udon soup that my wife just ate; I had to pay above market price for an average tasting bowl. Wifi? non existent (fortunately I have unlimited roaming). An available charge point for my power hungry devices? It’s like finding Nemo. I’m also struggling to overcome my writer’s block with no free flow fermented grapes. Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration but you get the drift.

biz passageway

The Silverkris lounge can be accessed by business and first class passengers flying on SIA, Star Alliance passengers travelling on business/first, and for Solitaire PPS club members. For some reason, Krisflyer Gold lounge is less prestigious than Silver.

I showed the staff manning the counter my business class ticket and was left to proceed on my own. (In first class, you’re ushered to the private room).


When you first walk in, you’re greeted by a huge sitting space. The business class lounge is quite large, but still, there were a considerable amount of travellers at every corner. After finding two available seats, I proceeded to check out the buffet and drinks corner.


Although the food selection was numerous in comparison with Priority Pass lounges, I didn’t find the food too appetising, or maybe I was just full. The picture below is just one example of the dishes served. There were other selections.

Chicken moqueca (Brazilian dish) & braised beef

There were other sections spread throughout the whole lounge. There was a tea and coffee section, and tucked away at the inner far end was where the beer, wine, and spirits are found.

Sitting space for single travellers and for groups
Selection of spirits (free flow)
red wines
I had a small sip of the Nipozzano red wine. It was good
white wines
Not too shabby whites
Only for those who ask

The probable reason why champagne (Charles Heidsieck) is not self-service is because it’s fairly expensive, retailing for between SGD $70 to $100 a bottle depending on where you buy.

charles H
Why drink beer when you can have champagne!
A selection of magazines. Newspapers and various articles are on the opposite side
computer area
There’s a whole line of computers for you to use that stretch beyond this photo frame

Before I know it, it was time to board. Time spent at the lounge flies quickly. If time is relative, then it means I must have been enjoying myself. When was the last time you enjoyed waiting to board the plane? This is just one perk of travelling via business class, click here to read my business class trip to Osaka to see what it’s like on the plane.

Next up: Review of the Priority Pass lounge in Taipei. Stay tuned!

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