The ENTERTAINER 2018 Early Bird Discount – Should you get it?

The ENTERTAINER 2018 is having an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! The big question is, should you get it? For the uninitiated, the Entertainer app provides 1 for 1 discounts on food, drinks, hotels etc. I’ve used it for about a year (paid ~$100) and have used it mainly for food, and once for drinks via Cheers (an extension in the app). What I like about the app is that it allows you access to certain restaurants at a much more affordable rate.

E early bird

Unlike Groupon (now Fave), the restaurants that are listed are more reputable and don’t have black out dates, which means you get to use it even on most public holidays, without the fear of some paid coupon expiring. Now that I’m done describing what the app is about, let’s begin!

Pizza 1 for 1
1 for 1 pizza at Holland Village

Only you can decide for yourself whether the app is worth getting. Let’s start with the common saying (paraphrased) that many bloggers will start with: “All you need is to eat one steak at the restaurant and the app would have paid for itself”. I have a friend who did precisely just that; He hasn’t been to a second restaurant since. He hasn’t saved anything, and in fact, has paid full price for the meal.

To use the word ‘amount saved’ is misguided as there was already a sunk base cost for the app. Hence savings are technically in percentage whether you assume a simple “1 for 1” redemption (50% discount) or added more dishes in addition to that 1 for 1 meal (less than 50% discount). You could also view the app as being a one time sunk base cost OR the more you spend, the greater the % discount overtime. I could go on, but let’s just spare ourselves further agony over the ensuing math.


E steak page
Besides Steak, the app offers 1 for 1 & discount on other categories 
1 for 1 at Marina Bay Sands Caffe B resturant


Unless you ‘print money’, getting this app also presents an opportunity cost as there could be other apps or discounts that you could be utilising instead of this app. I’ve created a table and hopefully this will helpful in your decision making process.

Ad & Dis

But let’s say you decide that you dine out often enough and want to get the app (I would recommend as there are plenty of really spiffy restaurants deals on offer), then here is the process just in case you’re wondering how it works:

  1. Call and make a reservation with the restaurant or try your luck and do a walk in
  2. Ask if they accept the Entertainer App (just to be sure)
  3. Ask for the part of the menu that features 1 for 1
  4. Eat, snap your Instagrammable worthy photos
  5. Request to pay, and provide your passcode.

Below are some pictures to help you visualise the process a little better:

E fat cow page
Select the Main Course (As you can see, I’ve already redeemed one from Fat Cow)
Press “Redeem”, you input your password, they input theirs

After you’ve input your password and they input theirs, just pay for the bill as per normal.

I’ve asked the waiter/waitress many times and more often than not, most of the patrons in the restaurants are also using the Entertainer. Now you know the secret of how some people are able to dine so well without breaking the bank.

Will I be getting the Entertainer 2018? Unlikely. Dining using the Entertainer that I have already invested in means I have to forgo spending on some other promotions and apps that offer amazing promotions from time to time.

If you come across any amazing promotions of epic proportions, do share with me!

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