Business Class on a FERRY

Trip Report – Business Class on a FERRY

Last Saturday I had the most epic of ferry rides! Great times must be shared so here goes: It was just another trip to a neighbouring island. My buddy and I were engaging in the all time Singaporean favourite pastime (queueing) to board the ferry back to Singapore when suddenly, he said, ” Wait here, I’m going to see if I can upgrade us to business class tickets.” The skeptic in me thought it might be way too late for that but I decided it was worth a shot. 5 mins passed and suddenly the crowd neatly lined up in front started to edge forward to get their tickets scanned to proceed to the boarding area at Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal (Batam).

Once you go business, you never go back!

There was no way I could get in without my boarding ticket! Hope became desperation as the crowd moved along. I reached the edge of the elastic cordon cut off point and decided to let three groups of folks behind me go first. “I’m waiting for my friend, you guys go first”. “He’s trying to get business class tickets for us”. At that point, I felt kinda let down. I thought to myself, “We could have gone in first and it’s all your fault”! Just as I was beginning to accept our fate that we’re never going to get the prime seats on economy (near the ferry door), a familiar and confident face appeared. “Got it!” he exclaimed. In an epic twist, we strolled down the empty business class lane skipping the entire queue. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that feeling.

Don’t let the old sign fool you into thinking “It’s just business”. There’s a real difference!

These are SEVEN reasons why I would upgrade to BUSINESS CLASS in a heart beat:

1. Less Stressful: If you’re heading to a nearby island for a quick getaway to destress after a long work week, or heading back home, dealing with long queues everywhere doesn’t exactly make it a relaxing trip.

2. Priority Business Class Lane: While people form long queues to get their tickets scanned and to enter the passport stamp section, business class folks just stroll in without the queues, which means getting their passport stamped first.

3. Business Class Lounge: After passport stamp section, while waiting to board the ferry at a holding area, you get to sip on tea/coffee/juice, and munch on a small selection of snacks. By this time, another kiasu queue would have formed at the boarding ticket area.

When you’re ready, at your own pace, just hand over the ticket to the counter and leisurely stroll over to the ferry while the rest of the economy class passengers wait in their long lines. They’ll definitely wish that they were in your position.

I had a good sleep on the way back to SG. GOOD LIFE!

4. Business class seats are more comfy and spacious, with more legroom. Perfect for people blessed with good genes. Unless you’re on economy class of course, in which you’ll probably suffer for being tall.

This dude on the right made it happen. Thanks Bro!

5. Refreshments: They serve you a bottle of mineral water, a wet towel, and some sweets. It isn’t much, but little things like these make the trip more comfortable.

6. Business Class passengers get to exit the ferry first. This means you’ll be the first few at the passport counter, which means you’ll get to your hotel/home quicker. I don’t know about you, but queueing up for 15 mins to 1 hour at the passport counter really isn’t my cup of tea. This is the most important factor to me.

Business Class passengers are located on top
First to leave the ferry also means first to the hotel/home!

7. Reasonable Cost: Unlike business class tickets on an airplane where the price is 3x to 5x of an economy class plane ticket (Unless you follow my strategy), the business class ferry ticket is only ~1.42x more. We added $10 to our $48 return ticket back ($24 + $10 = $34). It was worth every cent to us and we’ll definitely be upgrading all our ferry trips!


At SG Good Life, I only share the good stuff. Hope you enjoyed reading!

If you know of other ways to make travel luxuriously on a budget, please contact me, I would love to correspond with you!


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