Getting Lounge Access At Most Airports

How To Get Lounge Access at Airports – Waiting to board a plane after basic immigration can be dreadful for people flying on economy, especially if the airport lacks exciting shops and the food offerings, expensive. Business and First class folks have their VIP lounge, and the rest of the population’s left to rot while waiting for the plane, worst if the plane gets delayed. This is when a little luxury called the Priority Pass (PP) Lounge comes in.

Most PP’s lounge offer non premium travellers the benefit of a place to rest, tea, coffee, hot food, WIFI, and free flow alcohol such as beer, wines, and spirits for all who love to be in high spirits XD. But unfortunately, not all PP’s lounge are made equal; Some are pretty mediocre while others offer a full range of amenities and refreshments. Here are some live pictures (I’m actually in a PP lounge whilst typing this, trying to get this out before my flight home).

The pictures below are of Hong Kong’s Plaza Premium Lounge (West). They don’t represent all PP’s lounges but give you a good idea of what you can generally can expect.

Rows of single seaters for single travellers to charge their devices and have meals
Dessert Station
Mini Buffet Corner
Freshly baked Croque Monsieur. Baked cheese & turkey ham… gone in seconds!
Here’s how it looks like close up. Absolutely delish!
If you prefer something soupy, that’s also a station serving noodle soup
Drink to your heart’s content!
A much fancier restroom than’s what’s found outside
View of the tarmac


There’s always an option to pay for the membership fee + USD 27 every time you utilise it  OR…

Priority pass rates
At USD $27 a pop, it doesn’t come cheap

Get in for FREE by utilising various credit cards! This author has done the groundwork, click here to see the cards that give you free access.

Well, if you noticed, as in my previous post How To Earn Miles Part I, two credits cards are on the list again: Citibank’s Premiermiles CC & DBS Altitude. You’ve already paid the membership fee in exchange for miles. So every other benefit that these two cards offer is complimentary. The other cards on the list do not offer miles in exchange for paying the membership fee so i wouldn’t really recommend it unless there are other benefits that are attractive to you.

The card offers you two complimentary passes a year or a trip if you’re bringing a guest along. For me, two free lounge access a year definitely suffices since my premium travel gives me access to a lounge thus saving this for another time when i really need it, like now.

Hope this post helps all those who aspire to travel luxuriously. Till next time!


Next up: How To Earn Miles Part II


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