How To Earn Miles Part I

Earning Miles for a luxury trip isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea; It requires a lot of research, and sometimes, calling up the relevant parties to ensure that your miles have been credited to your account before transferring it to the airline account of your choice. I recommend SIA’s Krisflyer for SG based readers. There are a numbers of ways to churn miles and I will list a few. I will avoid going into the deep technicalities of miles churning because there are other bloggers who do this better than I do, but feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

Firstly, I’m going to assume you’re a working adult because it’s going to be almost impossible to earn miles on a student allowance. Secondly, if you’re intending to use miles for economy, then you are probably better off with a good cash back card. The rough exchange rate for miles is roughly 1 to 2 cents for economy, 3 to 5 cents for business, and 5 to 8 cents for First. Simply put, if you use miles to purchase an economy ticket, you’re not getting the best value. But I guess the reason you’re here is that you want to travel luxuriously. So let’s get started!

You will need a miles earning credit card

High income earners get to pick and choose from a wide variety of mile earning credit cards but I’m going to assume that like me, you may not have access to certain CCs, have the spending capacity, or the willingness to spend to reach a certain quota. Here are two cards that you might want to consider:

  1. DBS Altitude CC: Minimum Income – S30,000 per annum
Dbs Altitute
The entry level miles card

Spending $1,000 a month for 2 months might be difficult especially if you don’t have a big purchase coming up. In that case, you might like to hold off getting a new card for awhile. I wouldn’t worry too much about this deal expiring because there are always promotions for new signups. That being said, accessing luxuries isn’t for everyone and you need to be able to hit a certain spend.

2.   Citi PremierMiles CC: Minimum income – $50,000 per annum

Citi premiermiles
My preferred general spending miles card

Both credit card are great to have because they are general spending card. For every $1 you spend, you’ll get 1.2 miles. And If you’re using this card overseas, you’ll get 2 miles for every $1 spent. But do take note that there are currency exchange fees that will be charged to your card for overseas spending.

Although both Citi Premiermiles & DBS altitude give 1.2 miles for every $1.  DBS altitude gives in blocks of $5 spend whereas Citi gives it in $1 blocks. This means you might miss out some miles using DBS altitude for certain transactions and every drop of mile counts!

Both cards are also great to have because paying the annual fee will get you lots of miles. Which brings me to my next point:

Pay the annual fee to get 10,000 miles

If you’re like me and hate calling up credit card companies to get them to hopefully waive the annual fee, this card is for you. I am more than happy to pay the annual fee. It costs roughly $192.60 for 10,000 miles. That means you’re technically paying for miles at the rate of 1.926 cents a mile. Let’s do some simple math:

Current one way first class (Suites) to HK: 37,000 miles + $34

Current one way business class to HK:       27,500 miles + $34

There are many other ways to get miles for ‘free’,  but if you simply paid your way through, it would cost:

37,000 x 1.926 = 71,262 cents ($712.62) for First.

27,500 x 1.926 = 52,9.65 cents ($529.65) for business

Cost in SGD: one way saver first class ticket (cash): $2824

Cost in SGD: one way saver Business saver (cash): $1954

That’s like getting the ticket at ~70% off for both First & Business! (surcharge included)

Use Apps that generate miles

Recently, this app called MILESLIFE came to Singapore. It has been quite popular in Beijing & Shanghai. It is currently in the soft launch stage and if you take advantage of this promotion now, you could potentially be scoring lots of miles just by spending $39!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the app, and if you use my promo code [ DANC ], you’ll get an extra 1,000 miles just by making purchase at partner restaurants ($39 min if i’m not wrong).
  2. Go to partner restaurants and confirm with them if they accept Mileslife. I have been successful at two outlets: Crystal Jade Kitchen at Ngee Ann City & at Bugis Junction.
  3. Pay using the Mileslife App (input your credit card details).
  4. The restaurant will confirm with you the 10 digit order number if it’s successful.

Voila! You have earned yourself miles just by dining. Different restaurants have different promotions going on. Promotions range between 1 to 3 mile per $ spent. Also, there is currently a 3X MILE PROMOTION promo going on till 20th of June! Let’s look at the numbers:

$46.25 x2 (outlet promo) x3 (Pre launch promo) = 277.5 miles (technically)

I spent $46.25 at Crystal Jade (Bugis). I was awarded 76 + 152 = 228 miles

The numbers won’t add up exactly because they don’t include service charge or anything that is on promotion. Still, 228 miles just by dining is pretty decent.

There’s also a potential of getting a max of 9x per $1 spent at certain restaurants till the 20th of June!

Here’s a screenshot of my Krisflyer account. The miles already came in for all my dining out. I’m also currently using the Krisflyer Cobranded CC for my grab taxi.

Recent miles earning
1965 miles just for signing up and dining

Mileslife has co partnered with 12 airlines, some of which you might be interested such as Krisflyer, British Airways, EVA Air, Qatar, United etc.

For now, the restaurants offerings are fairly limited, but I’m sure other restaurants will want to jump on this bandwagon.


I will continue on with more ways to earn miles in another post. stay tuned!

Next up: How To Earn Miles Part II





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