Luxury on a budget

Friends probably wonder how I can afford my current lifestyle given that my income is pretty average. This blog is dedicated to middle class folks (LM, MM and UM) who are stuck in the middle (pun intended). We are the group who hardly gets any subsidies or benefits from the government, and are not in the top income bracket where money can buy any of life’s luxuries on a whim. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

My ability to enjoy some of life’s luxuries has been made possible by my many internet experts or ‘师傅’ (Shi Fu). There’s a guy who is a miles master and another who is an expert at luxury hotel and food. Then there are others that tell you where some of the best deals are, and some blogs teach you how to live life on a budget and/or how to invest your money.

I’ve spent numerous hours pouring through article after article over a number of years that I was even able to tell my buddy the current terms and conditions of his credit card even though I did not own it. In his words, “Do you spend all your free time on credit cards… LOl! i mean it in a good way ar”. My reply to him, “I actually do”. It is my passion almost to a fault.

While my internet experts are good at what they do, there are missing elements which I will attempt to address in subsequent posts. I will show you how to decipher a really good deal from a ordinary one. I have been thinking of writing for a long time, and thanks to encouragement from one of my “Shi fu”, wife, and some friends, I finally decided to do this even though I will technically be giving away my luxury living secrets. But well, sharing is caring! so stay tuned…



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